About Us


Omer Construction and Engineering

Omer Construction & Engineering was established in 1986 as a continuation of structural design office “Salant Rosenblatt engineers” established in1978 by engineers Salant wolf and Rosenblatt Israel (Haifa Technion graduates with honors) today along with the Blessed Haddad, are Controlling shareholders.

The company combines advanced construction methods work in new technologies alongside professional staff. The combination of capital Human and latest technologies have led to an impressive list of diverse projects carried out across the country since its inception.

The company carries out construction work for corporate clients in the private and public sector, including TURN KEY PROJECTS, making Self-initiating projects, including initiatives as part of a joint venture.

Since its establishment the company has gained expertise in performing a wide range of buildings and civil works of a different nature and implementation techniques Different, both concrete and steel, as follows:

  • Logistics Centers concrete and steel.
  • industrial facilities and the food.
  • Silos areas of agriculture and industry.
  • office of the high-tech industry.
  • public buildings for public bodies and authorities.
  • specialized structures such as parking lots and shopping centers both concrete and steel.
  • residential buildings and multi-story detached homes.
  • hotelier oriented structures such as hotels and assisted living.
  • pools, wineries and tank farms.
  • historic buildings.